Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Center Cross-Members FOR SALE

You may now purchase a custom center cross member, made to order. 6" tall with a 2" top and bottom lip which resembles an original '40 Ford cross member, however; this is new, 10 ga. (approximately 1/8") metal.

There will be 3" flared holes (incruments determined by customer or suggsted) or if requested, oval flared holes, however; $20 will be added for each oval flare.

You will receive "two" 8' lengths with 3" round and/or oval holes flared to your request. If you wish, the cross member will be bent to your specifications, however; ease of shipping may be best if you pie cut and bend your frame rails once you recieve the goods.

$325 Canadian for a pair, two 8' lengths, shipping extra or pick up at my shop. Frame rails are built at time of request to customers design.

These new and longer rails, compared to the original '40 Ford cross member, allows your rear ladder bars to be parellel with the rear legs of the cross member.

Experience welding and fabrication is required for this product.....

Call Neil @ Candy's Hot Rod Supply (613) 353-7572.........