Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Factory Is Open

New art work for our shop, everything is cheaper in the country !

Hot Rod art by no other than the Genuine Guru of Kool, Jeff Norwell !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

That Think Got A Hemi ?

We placed the 331 Chrysler Hemi in the '33 Ford frame, wow, what a piece of rolling art ! A hemi with a Edmunds '2 X 4' intake and a 4 speed standard behind the mill with a complete chromed suspension....

And the shoes, a set of wide whites with steelies !

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Candy Factory *** Who We Are ***

Candy's Hot Rod Supply :

The mission of our little, but mighty business, is to provide the least expensive hot rod parts in Canada (same price at my shop or shipped directly to your door), while providing free advise as no purchase is necessary ! We have proudly built award winners as pictured earlier in this site. Free appraisals on all builds, $75.00 plus tax for all other customers !

No job is too big or too small !

Stop by anytime as we are located just north of Kingston, Ontario, however; call first to ensure we will be in the shop and not at a hot rod show or nostalgic racing event.

SHOP RATE : $37.00 / hour plus tax and supplies.

SHOP # (613) 353-7572

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where's The Pepper ?

Well there is no pepper, however; if you have not been to the Bonneville Salt Flats, it is a must attend event. This past August we completed the P-38 Belly Tanker, however; we ran into major issues with the head gasket as we are having a new one being designed. Long story short, we headed off to Wendover Utah for the event without the car, oh well, next year !

The chubby guy, well that is me at the starting line of the 3 mile course....

Enjoy the pic's !

The Art of "Jeff Norwell"

What else may be said of Jeff Norwell's art ! He creates fine art, line drawings, cut away images or great hot rod art which I enjoy !

Have a look at his site or blog and you will be amazed !

Deuce Sub-Rails Instalation

I have received a few emails from the "HAMB" regarding the instalation of new sub rails in the Deuce which I am building for the Guru of Hot Rod Art...

Anyways here are a few pic's just to give you an idea.

Cut the old sub-rails and rotten wheel wells out, set up the new subrails on the completed Deuce frame, build the floor with the kick up for the rear Model 'A' cross member to suspend the quick change and sit the body over the sub-rails, paying attention to door clearance !

Shiney Motor Mounts ?

How about some custom motor mounts suspending a vintage cradle, Hurst motor mount, on a Baby Dodge Hemi in a Deuce created at the Candy Factory ? Gotta love those ole' South Bend metal lathes, some 50 years old, to turn out some bling..... Here 'ya go ! Vroooom......

So you say, vibration, etc ? Hey, it'za hot rod... Balanced motor, who needs cushion mounts ? The Beach Boys sang about "Good Vibrations", therefore; think of it as music as we don't want no stinking radio's in our hot rods !

The Shop Is Full !

Where has all time gone, the shop is full !

The Bonneville Land Speed Car is completed with two customers gow jobs on the final stretch of the build, Enjoy the pic's and stop on by the shop for a visit !

The Deuce Is Coming Alive !

Working on a customers Deuce, completed the frame and exhaust, now working on the 5 window body which required a complete floor, as the sub-rails were completely rotted ! New sub-rails, wheel wells, floor, and you get the idea.....

Just a little eye candy to look at !

Who is the crazed fella' in the Deuce ? First correct answer and you'll win a prize !!!!