Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bonneville 2012

Well, we made it to Bonneville in August 2012 and had a great time, completing our Rookie runs and obtaining our SCTA 'D' Licence. The 'D' Licence allows the driver to compete up to speeds of 150 MPH. Will attempting to acquire our 'C' Licence (speeds up to 175 MPH), I blew the head gasket out of the Jimmy at the 2 mile mark on the 3 mile course, our speed was only 143 MPH @ 4,100 RPM, however; the motor was pulling strong and climbing in RPM, it was not to be this year. This was however going to be a run reaching 175 MPH, with plently of RPM left. This motor will run all day at 6,200 RPM, reaching speeds over 175 MPH on a record set last year by a Hudson Motor of 201 MPH. Bob Owens and Keith Floyd (of Texas fame) Mike Wilson of Joyceville Ontario Canada, Clive Taylor and Allan of New Zeeland and the famous Gilbert, King of the Valley, a huge thank you. See you next year on the salt.... Last but not least, Mike Herrington, expert photographer, many thanks... Cheers.....