Saturday, June 2, 2012

Belly Tanker - Bonneville Salt Flats 2012

Well the Belly tanker is almost completed to attend the Nationals in Bonneville this August. A little more work on the front suspension and radiator, then the GMC 302, Straight Six, (Jimmy),
will be singing once again... What was the old saying, "Eight For Show and Six For Go"

Speed Blisters, Humps & Bumps

A few hours on the sand bag and planishing hamer and I have four convace pieces made for the foot area in my Bonneville Belly Tanker. The convace peices will be bolted onto the nose of the cage, inside of the tank to prevent your feet from exitting the cage in the event of a roll over.... Working on a couple of speed blisters currently for another project, pictures of the speed blisters at a later date. One of my favourite pictures of a Belly Tanker and push truck from the good 'ole days.....