Monday, December 19, 2011

Deuce Doors, Repairing the Missing Bottoms !

Cutting out the rot, rebuilding the missing Deuce door bottoms.... You will notice a piece of metal (Rot) removed from the bottom / side of doors, which has been welded on, patched and covered with metal. These patches over patches have been removed to restore the original door bottom.....

Feeling Blue, Never !

Some progress pic's of the '33 sitting on the chassis with custom motor mount covers turned out on our lathe. Just for a little bling to customers cars, plate toppers, which just arrived ! Enjoy.....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tradition Continues - Hot Rod Art of Jeff Norwell

Some recent pieces of art created by Jeff Norwell. In the near future, we will recognize Jeff as a house hold name, in the world of hot rod art.... Already I would consider Jeff to be in the top ten artists, however; Jeff also walks the walk, driving around his Deuce and currently gathering parts for numerous other kool projects. More on his projects at a later date, so for now, enjoy the world as seen through Jeff's eyes !

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hot Rod Bolt Covers & Transmission Spacers

We machined a couple of motor mount, bolt covers, which will add a little bling to a already jeweled, 331 Chrysler Hemi. We also had to machine a spacer, as referred to below, for a 4 speed manual transmission mated to the 331 Elephant Motor (Chrysler Hemi). A nice knurled edge was added to the spacer to add a little, "unseen" detail..... Remember when installing your hydraulic throw out bearing, leave at least .100" of clearence between the bearing and the pressure plate.....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Throw Out Bearing & Pressure Plate, Spacer

Just a couple of pictures of a spacer which we are manufacturing to space the hydraulic throw out bearing, 3/4" closer to the pressure plate. We are mating a 331 Chrysler Hemi to a New Process, 4 speed standard, Chrysler tranmission. We are using an adapter plate, however; a spacer must be used to achieve the correct spacing between the throw out bearing and the pressure plate.

The spacer is machined to accept/cover the flange on the input bearing retainer (which covers the input shaft bearing on the transmission, in picture # 3) and protruding on the other end to properly center the McLeod Bearing (picture # 2).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Martha's Table, Christmas Float 2011

Not only do we build hot rods and sell nostalgic automotive parts, we assisted a local community meal program, named ""Martha's Table"", with their Christmas Parade Float in Kingston Ontario. Members of Martha's Table required transportation of the once hay wagon, which became a floating stage, much due to the hard work by master set builder, Randy Johnston, of Kingston, Ontario. See you next year and many thanks to all the fine people of Martha's Table and the service to our community by providing hot meals throughout the year.... Martha's Table served just shy of 40,000 meals last year which does not include their drop in center where a light lunch may be obtained free of charge. By the way, the cost for the hot meal at supper, $1.00 !!!!!!!

As a side note, this float was made possible due to a private donation by a person who did not wish their identity to become known. This float DID NOT use any funds associated to Martha's Table....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deuce Sub-Rails and Floor Panels

New sub-rails, wheel wells and a custom made under the seat floor pan, has been welded into place. Floor pans are 18 Ga. with beads rolled into the floor, to resemble the original floor, whiling provide extra support. The Deuce floor is finally taking shape....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Factory Is Open

New art work for our shop, everything is cheaper in the country !

Hot Rod art by no other than the Genuine Guru of Kool, Jeff Norwell !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

That Think Got A Hemi ?

We placed the 331 Chrysler Hemi in the '33 Ford frame, wow, what a piece of rolling art ! A hemi with a Edmunds '2 X 4' intake and a 4 speed standard behind the mill with a complete chromed suspension....

And the shoes, a set of wide whites with steelies !

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Candy Factory *** Who We Are ***

Candy's Hot Rod Supply :

The mission of our little, but mighty business, is to provide the least expensive hot rod parts in Canada (same price at my shop or shipped directly to your door), while providing free advise as no purchase is necessary ! We have proudly built award winners as pictured earlier in this site. Free appraisals on all builds, $75.00 plus tax for all other customers !

No job is too big or too small !

Stop by anytime as we are located just north of Kingston, Ontario, however; call first to ensure we will be in the shop and not at a hot rod show or nostalgic racing event.

SHOP RATE : $37.00 / hour plus tax and supplies.

SHOP # (613) 353-7572

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where's The Pepper ?

Well there is no pepper, however; if you have not been to the Bonneville Salt Flats, it is a must attend event. This past August we completed the P-38 Belly Tanker, however; we ran into major issues with the head gasket as we are having a new one being designed. Long story short, we headed off to Wendover Utah for the event without the car, oh well, next year !

The chubby guy, well that is me at the starting line of the 3 mile course....

Enjoy the pic's !

The Art of "Jeff Norwell"

What else may be said of Jeff Norwell's art ! He creates fine art, line drawings, cut away images or great hot rod art which I enjoy !

Have a look at his site or blog and you will be amazed !

Deuce Sub-Rails Instalation

I have received a few emails from the "HAMB" regarding the instalation of new sub rails in the Deuce which I am building for the Guru of Hot Rod Art...

Anyways here are a few pic's just to give you an idea.

Cut the old sub-rails and rotten wheel wells out, set up the new subrails on the completed Deuce frame, build the floor with the kick up for the rear Model 'A' cross member to suspend the quick change and sit the body over the sub-rails, paying attention to door clearance !