Monday, March 11, 2013

Fiberglass Bodies, These Are The BEST !

"Scott Rods" is located in Monroeville, Ohio and make some of the best race and street fibergalss bodies out there.  Scott has close to 100 molds for bodies and accessories...  If you are ever in doubt of the strength of his bodies, have a look at his 250 lb employee's roof surfing on two Willy's coupes....  No, this is not the cage holding up these 6'4" tall men !

Call my shop or tell Scott how you found him.....  BTW, just an excellent company to deal with !

My Ford model 'T'  body weighs slightly over 27 lbs, including the tonneau cover, which will be used on my next drag car, a Nitro AA/FA altered.... This body is built in a manner which enables the body to be flexable and nearly as strong as carbon fibre !

Here is  "Scott Rods"  web site :