Saturday, February 23, 2013

'33 / '34 Ford Truck Frame and Cab

Recently completed a custom frame with a '40 Ford style X-Member with flared holes just like the original, motivaed by an Olds Rocket V8.  Obviously changes had to be made to the firewall as the customer wished to run the vintage flex fan.  Interior cab modifications :  '40 Ford dash with complete new floor pans...  Cheers....

Monday, February 18, 2013

'40 Ford Dash Instal In A '33-'34 Ford Truck

Here, ya go...  Installing a '40 Ford dash in in a customer's '33 Ford Truck....

Belly Tank - Upgrade - For Bonneville 2013

We are adding mechancial fuel injection to the Jimmy 302 in the Belly Tank for this years running at Bonneville.  However; it resulted in cutting the Belly Tank, which will be repaired soon , building a New Header to clear the injector and a new Speed Blister style air scoop to force air into the injectors at speed.

We will have ignition soon !