Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who We Are, What We Do, All For The Love of "Hot Rods"

Candy's Hot Rod Supply :

The mission of our little, but mighty business, is to provide the least expensive hot rod parts in Canada (same price at my shop or shipped directly to your door), while providing free advise as no purchase is necessary ! We have proudly built award winners as pictured earlier in this site. Free appraisals on all builds, $75.00 plus tax for all other customers !

No job is too big or too small !

Stop by anytime as we are located just north of Kingston, Ontario, however; call first to ensure we will be in the shop and not at a hot rod show or nostalgic racing event.

SHOP RATE : $37.00 / hour plus tax and supplies.

Remember, advise is always free as everything is cheaper in the country !

SHOP # (613) 353-7572

New Skins For the Deuce Doors...

Bottom 6" of both Deuce doors were missing, as all inner frame work had returned to Mother Nature. After rebuilding the door bottoms and inner frame work, new lower door skins have been tacked into place. Final welding will be completed after the door is once again fitted to the opening to ensure proper alignment.

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Metal & Patch Panels in the Deuce

Patch panels and welding on a 5 window Deuce for a customer. By the time all metal has been completed, approxiamtely 60% of the car will be new metal. Every Deuce is worth saving ! Enjoy....