Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Paint & Chrome, Soon - Just Add Oil & Gas.

Well, the chrome and brass plating is completed as assembly can now begin on the Deuce frame.  Chrome on the bells for the quick change turned out great and a little bling has been added by dipping the helmet cover in brass used for covering the Schroder Pitman Arm...

Welding is completed as we had to add a 'pop-off valve' to the intake for the 471 blower on top of the Dodge Hemi and last but not least, pulleys are finished as 'nothing' exists for the motor in a supercharged configuration, when using the stock water pump housing....  Re-configured Chevy pulleys on a Dodge ?   Yes sir, it has worked just fine.....

Custom generator bracket is off to the chrome shop for plating, which should be back in time for Xmas...
Now back to the shop !

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bonneville Salt Flats 2013

Well we made it to Bonneville for Speed Week 2013.  Too make a long story short, we are still having a few issues with keeping the 302 Jimmy head cool.  We are now in the prcoess of designing a water manifold to attach to the top of the head for extra cooling.  Oh well, next year....  We had a blast !

Friday, July 5, 2013

School's Out For Summer

Recent build from the Candy Factory....   Al Uen's of Napanee Ontario....

If You Can't "Dodge" It, Drive Threw It

1920's Hot Rodders !   Enjoy....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Palookaville 50th - Norwell's BIG # 50

For those who know the famous Hot Rod Artist, Jeff Norwell, here are a few pic's of his BIG # 50 birthday party this past weekend.  The "Millwinders" out of Toronto played great Rock-A-Billy music all evening.  Along with a free Bar-B-Q with free beer, what else could you ask for ?

It was a great time with friends, telling stories and a live band cranking out great tunes.   BTW, the young lady pictured is the "stand up bass player" and does she have a great set of pipes !

Over 80 Hot Rods with well over 150 party go'ers, resulted in a great day !

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

D.A.D. : The Dodge Ardun Deuce

Well , we are getting real close to paint on Jeff Norwell's Deuce, which we have cloned the "D.A.D. Deuce" or the  'D'odge  'A'rdun  'D'euce.  Hence, the power plant being a 1953 Dodge, 241 CI Hemi, which does not have much more HP, than a Flat Head V8 with Ardun Heads (Overhead Valve Conversion), however; at a fraction of the price for Ardun Heads !

Here a few spy pictures of the power plant and the helmet peak I made to cover the pitman arm on the Schroder Steering Box...


Monday, March 11, 2013

Fiberglass Bodies, These Are The BEST !

"Scott Rods" is located in Monroeville, Ohio and make some of the best race and street fibergalss bodies out there.  Scott has close to 100 molds for bodies and accessories...  If you are ever in doubt of the strength of his bodies, have a look at his 250 lb employee's roof surfing on two Willy's coupes....  No, this is not the cage holding up these 6'4" tall men !

Call my shop or tell Scott how you found him.....  BTW, just an excellent company to deal with !

My Ford model 'T'  body weighs slightly over 27 lbs, including the tonneau cover, which will be used on my next drag car, a Nitro AA/FA altered.... This body is built in a manner which enables the body to be flexable and nearly as strong as carbon fibre !

Here is  "Scott Rods"  web site :   http://www.scottrodscustom.com/

Saturday, February 23, 2013

'33 / '34 Ford Truck Frame and Cab

Recently completed a custom frame with a '40 Ford style X-Member with flared holes just like the original, motivaed by an Olds Rocket V8.  Obviously changes had to be made to the firewall as the customer wished to run the vintage flex fan.  Interior cab modifications :  '40 Ford dash with complete new floor pans...  Cheers....

Monday, February 18, 2013

'40 Ford Dash Instal In A '33-'34 Ford Truck

Here, ya go...  Installing a '40 Ford dash in in a customer's '33 Ford Truck....

Belly Tank - Upgrade - For Bonneville 2013

We are adding mechancial fuel injection to the Jimmy 302 in the Belly Tank for this years running at Bonneville.  However; it resulted in cutting the Belly Tank, which will be repaired soon , building a New Header to clear the injector and a new Speed Blister style air scoop to force air into the injectors at speed.

We will have ignition soon !