Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bonneville P-38 Tank, Gets a New Heart !

Mr. Jimmy 302 himself, "Joe Fontana", helped me out in a "great way", with new parts for the heart of the P-38 Bonneville tank, for a 1958 GMC 302. The 'roller cam' ground by Ed Iskenderian with .645 lift, WOW, 1.75 ratio roller rockers, roller lifters, 4 bolt billet main caps, steel straight cut timing gears, oil dam and a beautiful polished "SKINNER" valve cover, all manufactured by Joe Fontana.

I cannot say enough about Joe and all his assistance with the parts, the heartbeat of the tank. Joe actually acquired a "cam blank" from Don Ferguson (who was more than happy to part with the blank) to assist with my project. Amazing....

This Jimmy will turn around 6,000 RPM (plus). Now that may not seem like a high RPM compared to todays modern V8's, however; for a 1958 GMC straight 6, 302 cubic inch motor, that is amazing. The tank will be running in the GL/XO class with a stock head reworked by Sissell's Automotive a few years ago with 1.60 exhaust valves and 2.02 intake valves...

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