Sunday, January 22, 2012

Louvers and More Louvers

Recently louvered a 1941 Willys Coupe hood and a Ford Deuce original hood. Over 200 old time, 2 1/2" wide round top, louvers in total. For some reason, due to my limited ability in photography, the short row of louvers in the passenger side portion of the Deuce hood appear out of line. Well they are dead straight... Each row and column of louvers are near perfect in alignment, when looking down or across the hood. Wish I knew more about photography and back lighting for pictures.
The majority of the time is spent on the layout for the louvers, on the inside of the hoods ! Cheers !


  1. Those are some great looking and stylish body pieces. I think great styling like this is key in street rod kits and mods.

  2. Agree... Very few shops have an "Old Style Louver" available nowadays.... A small, but nice detail...