Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ford F1 Steering Box, Installed In A "33 Ford Frame

I had a few questions from Hot Rodders, how I was installing the F1 Ford Truck Steering Box in a customers '33 Ford Frame, so here are a few pic's which will explain it all. Just as a note, I first determined how long the steering "box" shaft had to be and before welding the flange to the steering box, I heated the box in order to prevent cracking during welding to the box. I didn't take any pic's, however; I use a few clamps to hold the column where I wished the column to be positioned in the cab, then I tacked the flange to the box (obviously on a slight angle)....  Before re-assembly, the steering shaft will be turned in the lathe cutting a small grove, for a rubber "O-Ring" to be positioned, which forms the seal between the shaft and the bushing..... Thanks....

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