Friday, December 14, 2012

Mother's Worry Belly Tanker - Bonneville 2012

Well, it was a blast to say the least this past August in Boneville, for Speed Week 2012.  Photographer, Mike Harrington, a great guy and buddy, was busy shooting our Belly Tanker as well as other great pieces of rolling art on the salt.  Mike Harrington plans on  releasing his great shots of the Belly Tanker to a few different magazines, so stay tunned to see his wonderful work on a newsstand near you !

I have attached a video shot by Hot Rodder, Frank Colgoni web site designer of  :   Canadian Rodder

I took turns driver the car with Bob Owens of Owens Salvage in Wellington Texas and our friend driving the push truck, Keith Floyd of Claringdon Texas.  The Belly Tanker only has 3rd and 4th gear, therefore; you have to push the car up to 50 MPH and drop the clutch and hopefully you do not spin out in front of the push truck.  This footage happens to be Bob at the wheel....

Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the footage shot by Frank Colgoni of "Canadian Rodder" forum.

Cheers, Candy-Man....

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