Monday, December 28, 2009

"Canadian" Flathead - Aluminum Heads EH !

Only made in Canada Eh ?

Aluminum, high compression heads, with no fins......

These heads were cast at the Alcan Factory in Kingston, Ontario Canada which were manufactured for both the early and late flat heads, both Ford and Mercury. However; the late Ford heads, which are pictured, are very rare compared to the early aluminum heads. The early heads are still floating around out there but as I said, the late heads are becoming extremely sought after.

'Cheater heads', well "Weiand" manufactured heads without the fins, however; these were obviously aftermarket heads as the aluminum heads pictured are a gennie Ford item....

There has been much discussion regarding these original aluminum heads, with a few different opinions, however; some very knowledgable dirt, circle track racers and antique guru's from my area share the same opinion.....

"MADE IN CANADA" is embossed on the heads as you can see above picture.

All Canadian aluminum heads had markings as numerous heads are floating around without markings, which are more often than not, finned heads which had the fins milled off as dicussed below.

Remember, old time circle track racers in Ontario, Canada and upstate N.Y. would machine the fins off of aftermarket heads as the rules for dirt, circle track racing, once stated: "No finned heads". Hence, the racers taking this rule to the letter of the word, would mill the fins off of the heads.

The rules then stated; "No aftermarket heads", however; Canadian heads would still be permitted under this rule.

The third rule change, finally read; "No aluminum or after market heads" as the majority of racers and rule makers were unaware of factory aluminum heads. This is quoted from an old time circle track racer.

These are a very nice casting which my be polished to a mirror like finish. The heads pictured have a slight bead blasting.......

Yes sorry, I have sold these heads to a pal in ------, -----.

Future story on high performance, cast iron, factory heads.....

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