Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hot Rod Art, Rod Powell

Some many know, recall or have purchased a book on how to flame hot rods, etc...
The book and person I am referring to is no other than the famous, Rod Powell from California.
While attending the Lonestar Round-Up 2009 with Bob Owens of Owens Salvage Parts in Wellington Texas, we picked up our Western Exterminators, or 'Little Men' as the statues are so often referred to as, from Rod in Austin, Texas. Mr Owens, the 'gentleman' whom you should all buy your vintage tin from, is pictured on the left, Rod is middle and little old me is on the right.
Von Dutch (Mr. Howard) painted a few of these, one is pictured in the bio of Von Dutch. Rod did an awsome job, and NO, it is NOT for sale at any price.....

Rod is creating very, very few of these 'Little Men', maybe TWO more. If you want one, you better get together your resume' and beg.... The picture does 'no' justice showing Rod's attention to detail.

The base which the 'Little Man' is fixed to, consists of a great lace paint scheme with excellent pin stripping... Yes, that is a Flyin' Eye Ball (made by Rod) getting ready to be smacked by the Exterminator.

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