Monday, December 28, 2009

The Candy Factory

Just a few pic's of our daily driver and our nostalgia drag car resting for the winter months, in the front of the Candy Factory (garage/shop).

The black '33 Ford is a customers car which came to our shop approximately one month ago to be completed, as the owner has decided to switch builders and ideas. The rod is powered by a 331 Chrysler Hemi mated to a four speed with three pedals just to keep him busy and having fun....

We have completed the front end using '33/'34 split wish bones, 4" dropped tube axle with the usual disc brake conversation for '37 to '41 Ford spindles. The steelies and black wall, bias ply tires, are on order which will exemplify the front end, to be plated. Exterior body colour - well I believe the owner has settled on a cool ice blue paint, seems fitting for our winter climate ! No fenders of course.

Yes there are two hemi's along the outside wall of the shop for our next drag car project and a 'W' head, stroked 348 for my bosses roadster (yes - my bride, my wife, my warden, the official boss).

The flat blue Deuce five window is an original Henry Ford body waiting for a build early in 2010 for another, top secret customer... More on that 5 winda' at a later date..... Maybe there's a hemi in the midst of the Deuce build?

The "black whale" sitting at the back of the shop is a P-38 tank with a 20" extension added to the middle of the tank to allow for the straight six motor and 5 speed standard transmission. The P-38 tank is waiting for its tube frame, powered by a 302 GMC Jimmy six which will be running in the XO/GL class at Bonneville in August 2011.... I don't think my better half is too happy with this project, however; she understand my madness, I hope...

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