Monday, December 28, 2009

Hot Rod Hero, Art Chrisman

Well, a very wise man once told me you should never place a person on a pedestal, however; Art Chrisman is one of the greatest hot rod pioneers, in my opinion.... Blown Ardun flatheads, blown 427 Ford SOHC's and just great all around rods and power plants in his shop currently, he has not even began to slow down. You couldn't even begin to write a bio of the three Chrisman's and their past acomplishments in a short book. 'Art' is a true gentleman and what a blast attending his Bar-B-Que's, you never know who may walk in....

Here is Art explaining to me how his son, Mike, is carrying on the torch.....

Oh yes, the 392 hemi, this was not at Art's shop. A motor I have been chasing for a while....


  1. A new book on Art Chrisman, his brother Lloyd, dad "Pops" Evert and Uncle Jack Chrisman is coming out. Written by Tom Madigan (writer of FUEL & GUTS, SNAKE vs. MONGOOSE, THE EDLEBROCK STORY to name a few) and published by ejje publishing group which is owned by Ed Justice, Jr. Only 1,000 numbered copies, learn more at This is going to be a real keeper a few lucky people will posess.

  2. Awsome, in my little opinion, the Chrisman's have had more influence on 'racing' than any other family.... They have been there sincce the beginning and continue to this day. By the way, I have been to their Bar-B-Que on two ocassions, what a great group of people, you never know who will show up !