Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Years Gone By, The Great "Bob Beezer"

Some may recall the Canadian Indian, rain dancer at the NHRA events from years gone by. Well Bob Beezer, or the "Beez" as many of his friends refer to him as is alive and well. Bob is picture in my driveway in front of my shop this past summer with his newest project, he is recreating his 41 Willy's, supercharged, hemi powered drag car. The Beez always has a great story to share which you never heard before, a real pleasure and a experience you will never forget. Many of his experiences at various NHRA events which will never be in print..... I'll leave it at that for now, more to follow at a later date.....


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  1. For those of you who may have attended NHRA drag races in the 60’s and 70’s, or watched old footage, you may have remembered the “Canadian Indian” performing his rain dances before each event.

    Well the Canadian Indian is in fact 73 years young, currently rebuilding his 40/41 Willys coupe to tear up the 1320 again, only after successfully making it through his bypass surgery this past winter.

    The Canadian Indian is named Bob Beezer referred to as, Beezer, by his friends.

    While recently attending at a swap meet with Beezer, I asked Beezer the nature of the rain dance and how he became known as the Canadian Indian, his short story was as follows;

    Beezer was a member of the “Peaceful Pacers” from Ontario, Canada during the late 1950’s who would often attend Detroit area drag facilities. During the Peaceful Pacers attendance, local drag racers from the Detroit area would refer to the Canadians drag racers as a bunch of Indians. Well Beezer wanting to live up to the perception, he decided why not dress up as an Indian just to cause a little more commotion in the Detroit area. Beezer was subsequently hired by Mrs. Parks to perform his rain dance before each NHRA event until it rained at one event, Mrs. Parks then fired Beezer.

    Beezer subsequently donated his dress to the NHRA Museum, however; due to today’s world of political correctness, his dress was never on display.

    This past winter, Beezer brought his dress back home and is currently restoring it to its glamour, hopefully to wear once again.

    For those who have had the privilege of meeting Beezer, as I have numerous times as he is almost a next door neighbour, you will not forget this colourful character. Beezer along with three other Peaceful Pacers and friends sat in my basement this last winter for a day and watched old drag racing footage. This was an event which will be etched in my mind with the colourful commentary provided by Beezer and his buddies.